Office Space

Breaking through the limitations of traditional models, creating a variety of office styles, whether for start-up

businesses or stable companies, everybody can find the most suitable type of space.

>Serviced Office

The clean and finely decorated space has a cool Soho atmosphere. It is very private, thus void of external distractions, and can accommodate all kinds of small and medium-sized teams.

>Hot Desk

No longer subject to space and time constraints. With flexible leases and stylish decor, you can say 'goodbye' to the traditional mode of working.

>Multi-functional Meeting Room

Suitable for business meetings, video conferencing, team training, etc., and equipped with high-tech electronic devices and a relaxing tea lounge.

>Event Venue

The venue can be adapted according to demands, suitable for various events, conferences, corporate training, road shows etc.

Our Centers

Convenient transportation saves time and cost. Our centers are located in a building complex and are adjacent to many fashionable

business districts, offering an abundance of leisure time after you work.

Our Clients

If you wish to work alongside corporate giants, if you want to widen your business portfolio, then

ShinApollo is your best partner.

About Us

We are proud to be a professional, highly creative team who can transform cold structures into vibrant places, and through

incessant self-improvement, help to make more clients realize their dreams.

>About ShinApollo

Shanghai Apollo Building Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993. We provide serviced office, co-working space, meeting room and event venue for lease. If you are interested, please call 400-883-5600 for more information, thank you!

>Join ShinApollo

If you are full of enthusiasm, if you want to give yourself a chance to learn and progress, if you are eager to battle with senior industry elites, if you want to make your own contribution to customer service, sales, marketing or promotion, then you are welcome to join our team. Please send your resume to our email address:, we will contact you ASAP!

Latest News

We are deeply aware of the key points of work. It’s not only the trendy and simplistic ambience and style, but also the various events, campaigns and

training sessions that fills your work with so many unknown expectations.


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